About EOC

Founded in 2013, by Raquel Alvarez Garcia with support of the Grand Victoria Foundation, the Environmentalists of Color network is a response to the current and historical exclusion of people of color in the environmental field. EOC is a member driven catalyst for racial equity in the environmental field. The network uses an asset based approach to inclusion and equity by centering and celebrating its members. EOC connects members of various disciplines, builds resiliency, and cultivates future leaders. Membership in EOC is free and open to individuals who self-identify as a person of color and an environmentalist. 

EOC is a project of Global Philanthropy Partnership (GPP). GPP serves as EOC's fiscal sponsor.


An inclusive and representative environmental field where environmentalists of color have the resources needed to thrive personally and professionally in leading an equitable, inclusive and sustainable future.


EOC is an interdisciplinary network of leaders of color who are passionate about an array of critical environmental issues, ranging from habitat conservation to environmental justice. We cultivate opportunities for community, support, and professional development so members can thrive in their chosen fields.