Closing in April 2017

Senior Program Specialist - Chicago Park District


Deadline: April 23, 2017

Coordinates special programs and projects with department staff. Establishes external partnerships. Represents the Park District with outside agencies, locally and nationwide. Presents department goals and vision to outside agencies. Plays a leadership role in developing and disseminating program information city wide. Consults on program training needs. Assesses local park programs. Develops program standards and guidelines. Provides technical assistance to local parks as assigned. Develops and coordinates new program initiatives. Oversees data collection where appropriate. Oversees budget and staffing. Supervises staff.


Environmental Specialist - MWRD


Under supervision, works with industry management to coordinate and conduct industrial waste surveys to determine the quantity and quality of industrial wastes discharged into the sewers and waterways within the District's jurisdiction. Conducts professional environmental work in the administration of the Sewage and Waste Control Ordinance, User Charge Ordinance and other ordinances and conducts industrial/commercial facility inspections.