Youth & Winter Farmers Market Outreach Coordinator - Chicago - Faith In Place


The Outreach Coordinator will organize Faith in Place’s Summer Eco-Ambassador Youth Programs. Each summer, Faith in Place provides environmental education for youth (ages range from 14-18). These Eco-Ambassadors learn about ecology, the impact they have on the environment, and become true Ambassadors for positive environmental behaviors in their communities. The Outreach Coordinator works closely with clergy and community leaders from the south and west sides of Chicago to identify 12 youth between the ages of 14-18 to participate. These youth are active in their faith communities, and have been nominated by adults in their life because of their leadership role within the community. This Outreach Coordinator will split their time between the two roles, focusing on the Winter Farmers Markets from September – April and the Eco-Ambassador Program from May – August each year. The organizer will work manage support staff and work collaboratively with a team to support all efforts related to the Winter Farmers Market and Eco-Ambassador Youth programs.