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City Wide Potluck - Giving Social ft. My Block, My Hood, My City

The past few weeks have been hard for all of us. Processing the pain rippling out of Baton Rouge, Dallas, and Falcon Heights has been devastating, and in our own city of Chicago, the violence continues.

There is something we can do. 

By talking to one another - sharing our experiences, our burdens, our fears, we can focus on finding ways to help one another. Whether that means joining an organization that promotes civil rights, volunteering for a community that isn't your own, or just providing an open ear, it all starts with conversation. 

We hope to begin this Saturday. In partnership with My Block, My Hood, My City, they are hosting a City-Wide Potluck at Vice District Brewing in the South Loop. 

By bringing our cultures and histories to the table, we hope to promote friendship and empathy between Chicagoans that may not otherwise meet. 

Your job is to bring authentic flavor from your neighborhood, a dish that represents your experience of Chicago. We welcome indigenous food, hidden gem snacks, food from famed franchises - whatever is indicative of your neighborhood. 

Check out the full description of the event here